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The evidence presented in this section of can be summarized as follows:

  • There is no evidence that short-term e-cigarette use and exposure to e-cigarette vapor indoors poses serious risks to health. Nevertheless, long-term health effects have not been yet assessed.
  • Evidence for cessation and harm reduction is limited.
  • There is no convincing evidence to support or refute that e-cigarettes may act as a ‘gateway’ product to tobacco use for young people or people who have never smoked tobacco.
  • Regulation should be based on the best scientific evidence available. Regulators should compare e-cigarettes with tobacco cigarettes and other existing tobacco products.  At least minimum interim standards for product quality, contents, emissions and labeling should be introduced, and refill bottles containing very high doses of nicotine banned or only allowed with effective child resistant packaging. Regulations should ensure the risks to users from poor quality e-cigarettes are minimized and that marketing to children is prevented. logo
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