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Minnesota Nicotine Withdrawal Scale - Revised
Dr. John R. Hughes developed the Minnesota Nicotine Withdrawal Scale

American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP) Tobacco Treatment Toolkit
This user-friendly, interactive collection of tools will help you implement a proven approach to treating tobacco dependence

National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidance
NICE treatment guidance

English treatment service data
Quarterly data on the national treatment service

QuiTIP Product Database
Access this excellent database of stop smoking products

Varenicline studies in JAMA
The clinical trials are now online

Reflections on Smoking Cessation Research
See special issue of Drug and Alcohol Review.

Does preparation aid cessation?
See West's new data on the process of change

Addressing Tobacco in Managed Care
N&TR Supplement now available online

Cessation reduces mortality
Download the Lung Health Study smoking cessation-mortality paper

English Treatment Services results
This Addiction supplement presents the English services evaluation

The Cochrane Library
Link straight to the Cochrane tobacco abstracts

WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control
This international treaty (FCTC) is being developed to commit governments to meaningful action on tobacco – new laws, price measures, investment in public education and cessation programmes

UICC GlobaLink
The International Tobacco Control Network

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