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Television, radio, web, and print media advertising can all increase calls to smokers' quitlines.

Calls to the national quitline in Australia increased during the television anti-smoking advertising campaign. For every 100 target audience rating points (TARPs), the number of calls increased by 10% from the baseline. Printing the quitline number on cigarette packets when introducing graphic cigarette packet warnings boosted demand for quitline services in Australia.

A national anti-smoking media campaign in the United States’s, which ran for 12 weeks in 2012 and cost US$54 million, generated a 75% increase in calls to quitlines and a 38-fold increase in visits to a stop-smoking website. The campaign saved between a third and a half of a million life-years of Americans under 65 years of age at a cost of US$200 for each life-year saved.

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