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Providing workplace smoking cessation coverage leads to health and economic benefits for both employers and insurers.

Insurance coverage of a workplace-based cessation benefit results in greater numbers of successful cessations and decreased rates of smoking-related diseases. The cost of smoking cessation programs is small relative to the costs of the overall employers’ health benefit programs.
Smoking cessation programs result in cost savings attributable to lower absenteeism rates and productivity gains. These savings exceeded the costs of many US-based programs within 4 years.

In the United States, changes to health insurance regulations made by the Affordable Care Act have mandated that smoking cessation therapy be provided in every compliant health insurance policy with no extra cost to the consumer.
Still, most employers do not offer full or partial coverage of tobacco-use treatment for employees due to the lack of awareness of its benefits. In 2013, only 40% of US employers offered full or partial coverage for tobacco-use treatment. A comprehensive coverage is quite rare: only 2% of US companies provided comprehensive smoking cessation benefits for employees in 2007 as reported by the National Business Group on Health.

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