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Quitting smoking will reduce the costs of health care, the loss of productivity, and other external costs caused by smoking.

The health care, productivity, and other economic costs of cigarette smoking are substantial and would be reduced significantly if current smokers quit. Cessation will also lower the gross health care costs of tobacco consumption, estimates of which range from 0.1 to over 2% of gross domestic product.
A 2010 study from Israel estimated that every 1% increase in the country’s cessation rate would save ILS (Shekel) 56.3 million (US$15.7 million) in reduced healthcare costs.

A 2016 Canadian study showed that greater adoption of hospital-initiated tobacco cessation interventions leads to significant improvements in patient outcomes and reductions in subsequent healthcare usage. Patients subjected to the intervention had a 40% reduction in 2-year mortality risk and showed 35% smoking abstinence at 6-month follow-up compared to 20% for usual care patients.

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